GSP to bring the first Skintex® MRIII — the World’s only EPA registered revolutionary malaria control technology to Africa!

Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP) has partnered with Pulcra Chemicals who has over a decade of work developing a life changing technology that fights disease carrying insects. The Skintex® MRIII blanket which meets and exceeds U.S. EPA and WHO standards.  Pulcra Chemicals is ready to play its part in the GSP “Integrated Health Model” (IHM) (e.g. water, health and environment). GSP IHM will help uplift families out of sickness, poverty, while promoting the growth of stronger and healthier communities in Tanzania and even across the African continent. The IHM can save lives with a Skintex MRIII blanket initiative implemented and sustained within schools, public health clinics, and communities at large.   
GSP’s IHM expansion outreach and focus offers the potential to impact nearly eight [8] million people in Tanzania alone by bringing them this “over the horizon” technology. Skintex® MRIII is the World’s only EPA registered microencapsulated, KNOCKDEAD/KNOCKDOWN insect technology system based on permethrin. Skintex MRIII IHM Malaria initiative promotes sustainable community development solutions where a person can take a roll of Skintex MRIII fabric and produce mosquito fighting items at the local level. The IHM will empower local communities by establishing “green” jobs and sustainable locally owned businesses employing thousands of women while eliminating disease carrying insects. Please go to to learn more.
GSP and their partners will be the first to bring these potentially lifesaving Skintex MRIII blankets, shemaghes, and roll goods to the people who desperately need them. These communities represent women and children living in Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue, Chikungunya, Sleeping Sickness, and other blood borne infections high risk transmission areas.  These areas have witnessed entire generations of dying children. Without an IHM-Global Community this cycle will continue.   
Also available for disaster relief missions!
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