A few of our Water Ambassadors

At our schools, we have what we call Water Ambassadors. These are students who have been chosen by the Head teachers/students and it’s as a special privilege to be chosen to participate.

CAM00808These are five of our students at Nrumangeny Primary School who have been selected to serve as Water Ambassadors.

Our Water Ambassadors help to give the clean water to other students. Below are pictures of our students enjoying their water.


Message in a Bottle

With your help — our 2014 “Message in a Bottle” campaign was a huge success! We donated 3,000 BPA-Free and environmentally friendly water bottles to our youngest students. Each child received a surprise with each bottle. When they opened their bottle – they received a special note from our donors. You should have seen the look on their faces – priceless.

We need 100,000 more for all of our students! Please donate!

No more old bottles!